LUCO - An Instrument For Play

LUCO - An Instrument For Play

June 24, 2020 0 Comments

“Each tree not only has a different size and shape, but color and character, and each board from each tree has a distinctly different personality.”

— Mira Nakashima


We can see all around us wonderful examples of nature’s unique variety and randomness. And those who work with wood, know only too well the patience, persistence and creativity required to create with this medium. Even a seemingly small interaction with a natural material such as wood, can impart big lessons and may resonate with us for many years.


Nature is truly the greatest teacher, providing countless opportunities for children to explore their relationship with the physical world.


Nature is ‘perfectly imperfect’...


When we observe a child playing with natural resources, such as wooden blocks, we may see construction and building at work but what we can’t see is the many wonderful connections being made in the child’s brain.

In this way, wooden blocks and particularly activities involving wooden ‘joinery’ become a perfect instrument for communicating some core concepts, and importantly provide challenge.



It is this element of challenge in a child’s play which can have positive, long lasting outcomes.  Allowing our children to problem solve and extend themselves through open ended play is a great way to encourage both confidence and resilience.


The real beauty and uniqueness of inter-connecting wooden pieces, much like a luthier skilfully builds a violin or guitar, lays in the ‘aliveness’ inherent in wood. And after many hours spent crafting an instrument, the finished product can then be enjoyed through many more hours of imaginative play.


Luco Blocks, as an instrument too, allow the maker an opportunity to feel, to adapt to changes and challenges and ultimately to become more and more aware of the endless possibilities of open-ended imaginative play.



Whilst Luco blocks are indeed a single piece of wood cut very carefully and to exacting tolerances, we love that no two Luco blocks are identical in fit, and as such are a wonderful example of the ever-changing nature of wood.


“No two trees are the same to raven and no two branches the same to wren.”

— Poet-David Wagoner