LUCO Educational Set - Exclusively for Classrooms

As an Early Childhood Teacher and Director of Playful Nature, and with strong beliefs in play, inquiry, creativity and sustainability, I am delighted to introduce LUCO's Dutch designed wooden eco blocks...a truly unique learning resource.

I know how valuable LUCO Blocks are for classrooms in Australia. A wooden eco toy that supports children to develop and express their creativity using a natural and sustainable material...yes please!!

LUCO Blocks are a fantastic resource for Early Learning Spaces and here's WHY...


Unlike conventional wooden blocks, LUCO Blocks interconnect and articulate allowing children to build strong structures that they can actually move, interact and PLAY with!!!

LUCO Blocks are Sustainable!
These eco friendly blocks are made of rubber wood; a by-product from rubber trees that are no longer producing rubber. In this way the trees get a second life! 

Each block is made out of one piece of wood to make the blocks stronger and more durable. The paint is water based (ISO certified) non toxic and child friendly. The blocks, material, box, jute bag and the booklet are all tested and meet or exceed child safety standards.

LUCO Blocks enhance children's development, and your curriculum learning outcomes, in SO many ways.
They support learning and planning in all of the 5 EYLF Learning Outcomes, specifically Outcome 4; as well as supporting Elements 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 in the NQS.
They also support learning in the Australian Curriculum, in particular Critical and Creative Thinking General Capabilities, Sustainability Cross-Curriculum Prioritiesas well as English, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, Technologies and Health and Physical Education.
LUCO Blocks are a fantastic STEM Learning Resource!!

Here are just a few more of the benefits that LUCO Blocks can provide for children and your curriculum program...

LUCO Blocks are beautifully crafted, open ended wooden blocks that provide hours of FUN and PLAY based learning opportunities for children... and adults.
Our LUCO Educational Sets are available exclusively for Educational Services.
They consist of 260 premium quality wooden pieces, enough for small group learning experiences and to build bigger, more intricate structures.
Selling now for only $310 (RRP $388).
AND... For a limited time only we are offering FREE delivery, saving you an extra $20!
If you have any questions, need more information or are interested in purchasing LUCO Wooden Eco Blocks for your service, please send us through an email at: